Why You're Sure to Love E-Bikes
First and foremost - what is an electric bike? Also known as an e-bike or a pedal assist bicycle, electric bikes are human-powered two-wheeled bikes with an integrated electric motor and rechargeable battery to provide you with additional power and speed. These bikes are lightweight, easy and fun to ride, and available in a variety of bike styles. Learn more about  the benefits of electric bikes, and plan your test ride with us today!

Ease Your Effort
Hills are a cake walk when you have the power of an e-bike motor! A light, easy pedal propels you anywhere and everywhere!

Increase Your Speed
Have a friend you just can't catch? Pedal assist technology helps you fly past them with minimal effort!

Enjoy Convenience
Forget the traffic. Forget the gas stops. Forget the parking. These e-bikes are a great alternative to driving your car! Want to get to work without being sweaty? Or do your shopping via bike? E-bikes to the rescue!

Shop E-bikes

Freedom Bicycles sells affordable, quality e-bikes from brands like Populo, Aventon, and Prodecotech, Tuesday, and more. Stop by, see our full inventory, and check them out!

Rent an E-Bike

We offer rental bicycles and suggested routes for cycling enthusiasts of any level. We have electrically assisted bikes, as well as cruisers and fitness bikes to take advantage of our many scenic areas. We are conveniently located next to the T.J. Evans Bicycle Path of Licking County. Contact us to see about group discounts.